From the recording The Blazing Heart EP

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The images that I grew up with as a little kid
Weren't so innocent dictating how to look and how to live
My identity squashed and trampled recklessly
The fantasy of being someone other than me

Got to have blonde hair
I can buy the dye anywhere
Got to lose a few pounds
It's harder than it sounds
Got to have blue eyes
Guaranteed to score with the guys
Act like a lady
Who, me? I ain't that crazy!

I'm never good enough for you
If I changed one thing you'd up it to two
I'm never good enough for you
Though I try and try you're just never satisfied

Pretty face, nice personality, and oh-so-kind
They say what a waste that I've got such a big behind
Is it fair to dismiss me when I'm doing all I can
Who cares about my size; I make you feel like a man

Got to shave those legs
No, please, not that I beg
Got to have smooth thighs
Get rid of all that cellulite
Got to be the best dressed
Don't worry about going into debt
Got to be a size 1
Anorexic chicks have no fun!


Pretty enough, I'm never witty enough
I'm never gritty enough, I'm never, I'm never, I'm never, I'm never
I'm never freaky enough, I'm never frisky enough
I'm never funky enough, I'm never good enough for, good enough for


© 2007 Davina Robinson