From the recording The Blazing Heart EP

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The pressure is on, gotta be strong
Gotta be cool, gotta be smart
To play this game
Gotta stand out, gotta be seen
Gotta manipulate the fame machine
Do whatever it takes
Gotta make them know my name

Gotta step up, gotta be tough
Time to sacrifice and fight
No time to cry
Try to endure, try to be more
Gotta strategize and thrive it's war
I can't survive
Without you by my side

I need you to stay
Don't ever go away
Your love is the only thing
Keeping me sane

Gotta believe, gotta succeed
Gotta go far, the battle scars
I wear with pride
Getting respect, becoming the best
A road with years of tears and regrets
But I survive
With you by my side
I'll stay alive
As long as you're on my side


The road is lonely
Comfort me, ease me to peaceful dreams
The road is scary
Soothe me when I scream, oh


© 2007 Davina Robinson