Hankyu New York Fair (阪急ニューヨークフェア2018)

HANKYU DEPARTMENT STORE (阪急うめだ本店), 大阪市北区角田町8-7, Osaka

阪急うめだ本店  9階祝祭広場  入場無料 



5/10木 11:00-11:30 

5/10木 18:00-18:30

5/13日 11:00-11:30 

5/13日 13:00-13:30 


Annual New York Fair will be held this year from May 9 to May 15 at Osaka's Hankyu Department Store Umeda.

This is part of Hankyu's international fairs held on the 9th floor's Shukusai Plaza. Entrance is free.

There are many artists performing over the course of the fair.

Davina will be performing:

5/10 Thursday 11:00-11:30 

5/10 Thursday 18:00-18:30

5/13 Sunday 11:00-11:30 

5/13 Sunday 13:00-13:30