5/24   次のライブはブルース/ブルース=ロックバンド、ダヴィーナ・ロビンソン・バンドでライブします。6月9日は日本のロックディですね。ライブは2ステージでギタリストは別々で、引いていただきます。2人とのライブは初めてで、リハはいい感じに進んでると思います。ソラでのライブはいつも楽しみにしてます。

My next show will be with my blues / blues-rock band, The Davina Robinson Band. It'll be on June 9, or 6/9, which in Japan is unofficially ROCK Day, because in Japanese, the number six is pronounced "RO-KU" and the number nine is pronounced "KU". So if you put RO and KU together, you get the Japanese pronunciation for "ROCK". It's a 2-set performance using a different guitarist for each set. It's our first time working with both guitarists, and we've been rehearsing and everything is coming together. Very much looking forward to playing again at SORA.