今回のライブは、「晴晴BLUES KNIGHT」のユニットと初めて歌わせていただきます。ベースは山田晴三さん、ギターは田中晴之さん。光栄と思っております!是非、DON'T MISS IT!

Hello everyone, it's almost July!! 2019 has gone by so fast! I have two shows in July. The above flyer is for a show at Zumi in the Namba-Dotonbori district of Osaka. This show was originally advertised for July 12th, but due to a venue scheduling problem, the show has been changed to July 11th. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. 

This show will be the first time for me to sing with the unit Haru Haru Blues Knight, bassist Haruzo Yamada and guitarist Haruyuki Tanaka. It's an honor to play with these two well-known veteran musicians. Don't miss it! For more information, please check my calendar.